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UPVC Windows


Do you want safe, energy efficient, low maintenance windows for your home, which will last a long time? Then uPVC windows are the way to go.

Benefits of uPVC windows

Focal- new upvc windows

Low maintenance

With no need to repaint and zero possibility of damage due to rust or mould, uPVC windows are about as hassle-free as it gets. All they need is the occasional clean, and your new windows will stay looking new for years to come

Focal Variety of colours & finishes upvc windows

Variety of colours & finishes

They also come in virtually every colour imaginable – from the traditional black, white or grey to unique, eye-catching shades that will match the design features on the rest of your home. You can also opt for faux-wood finishes that give you all the benefits of hardwood, with none of the upkeep.

Focal-Glazing-options upvc windows

Glazing options

uPVC windows can be single, double, or triple glazed to maximise energy savings, reduce noise pollution and improve the security of your home. These windows will keep you safe and warm, all year round.


Focal-Casement-Windows-new upvc windows

uPVC Casement Windows

Focal-Flush-Windows-new upvc windows

uPVC Flush Windows

Focal-Bay-Windows upvc windows

uPVC Bay Windows

Focal-Sash-Windows upvc windows

uPVC Sash Windows

Focal-Tilt-&-Turn-Windows upvc windows

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Styles & Colors

You can choose a specific color or material for your window frame

Why choose Focal uPVC windows?

Focal-Locally-made upvc windows

Locally made

Only with us will you get uPVC windows that are made in Britain by our exclusive manufacturer. We only produce the highest quality of products.

Focal-Impeccably-designed upvc windows

Impeccably designed

At Focal Home Improvements, we believe in delivering bespoke excellence. We make sure that each custom uPVC window we produce is tailored to give you the kerb appeal you want.

Focal-Cost-effective upvc windows

Cost effective

By producing, shipping and installing every window ourselves, we’re able to generate significant cost savings that we pass on to our customers, giving you the best quality, at the most affordable value.

Focal-how-it-works upvc windows

How it works

Our trusted design consultants will provide you with expert advice to address your specific needs and requirements. With the utmost attention to detail, our team will help you assess the most suitable options based on what you aim to achieve, and will carefully walk you through the process of selecting your window materials. We’ll guide you in choosing shapes, designs, glazing, and finishes, to ensure the perfect choice for your home.

Once you’ve selected the type of customisation that you want, our team of skilled craftsmen will then create your bespoke uPVC windows, each excellently curated according to your personal specifications.

Focal-how-it-works upvc windows

Are your windows misty and blown out?

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