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UPVC Doors

Expertly designed, locally produced
Focal Home Improvements’ uPVC doors are the ideal choice for homeowners looking for the right combination of high performance and low cost.

Why choose our uPVC doors?

Designed with safety and security in mind, each uPVC door is created in accordance with UK building regulations. Our innovation and modern processes behind creating our bespoke doors guarantee that each product is built with the highest quality materials, precision, and style.
Focal-Bespoke-Design upvc doors

Bespoke design

Focal-High-Quality-At-The-lowest-Possible-Cost upvc doors

High quality at the lowest possible cost

Focal-Energy-Efficiency upvc doors

Energy efficiency

Focal-Unparalleled-safety upvc doors

Unparalleled safety

Door Styles

Residential-Doors+  upvc doors

Residential Doors

Residential-Doors+  upvc doors

Patio Doors

French-Doors+ upvc doors

French Doors

Styles & Colors

You can choose a specific color or material for your window frame

Stand out from the crowd

Our uPVC front doors, exterior doors, and interior doors will have your home looking its best from any angle. With a variety of colours, finishes and glazing options to choose from, you’ll know that your door is truly one-of-a-kind.

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