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Have you ever wanted a statement door but it’s just too expensive??

Home entrances can create an amazing first-impression for your home. Bespoke, statement doors aren’t really beyond your reach—because we can provide you with the options you want.

Only with us—bespoke doesn’t mean expensive.

Our doors are made-to-measure and custom designed to match your home and personal taste. We manufacture and install custom-made doors of all shapes and sizes to create a show-stopping entrance to your home.

Door styles

Focal UPVC doors+UPVC doors

UPVC Doors

Do you want a great-looking, versatile option to update your home? UPVC doors are easy to maintain, affordable and available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Focal-Composite-Doors++ upvc doors

Composite Doors

Do you want to combine styles? Try composite doors that combine the best of both worlds—offering double-glazing and the sturdy, traditional look of a solid door.


Bifold Doors

Want something more spectacular? Bring the outside indoors with a show-stopping feature wall of glass bifolding doors, custom manufactured to fit your home.

focal-door-accessories-- upvc doors

Door Accessories

With us, you can choose from a wide variety of handles, knobs, doorstops and hinges to add the finishing touches to your new, bespoke door.

Benefits of our double-glazed doors

Each one of Focal Home Improvements’ double-glazed glass and composite doors is carefully crafted to ensure maximum attention to detail and the highest quality results for your home.

Getting one of our bespoke double glazed doors for your home brings many benefits, including:

Doubleglazed enhanced security upvc doors

Enhanced security

When you opt for a bespoke door with Focal Home Improvements, you’re getting an added layer of security for your home. All of our doors come with advanced locking technology, and adding double glazing gives you added protection against potential break-ins.

Focal Home Double glazed flexible design upvc doors

Flexible design options

You can choose between a wide range of colour options, finishes, and door styles when choosing your new door. Whatever you envision, Focal Home Improvements can make it a reality.

Focal Home Double glazed efficieny upvc doors

Increased energy efficiency

Installing a well-fit double glazed door will prevent heat loss from your home through the cracks in the doorframe, and can help reduce your household energy expenses.

Focal Home Double Glazed 10 year warranty upvc doors

10-year warranty

All of our doors, windows and rooflines come backed by a 10-year quality guarantee – so if anything ever breaks or needs to be replaced, you know you can count on us.

Are your windows older than 10 years old and out warranty?

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